RoloPress is an Open Source Contact Manager, licensed under GPL v2, and built on the WordPress platform (also, Open Source). That means that you can download it, modify it, do whatever you want to it. Isn’t Open Source great!

RoloPress is chock full of features.  Since we use WordPress as our platform, RoloPress can take advantage of all the things WordPress does well:

  • Change The Look: Changing the look of RoloPress is pretty simple.  Just head on over to our Theme Directory and download a child theme.
  • Create Your Own Theme: Don’t like the way RoloPress looks?  Can’t find a cool alternate in the Theme Directory? Then roll your own Theme!  If you know some CSS and PHP, you can easily create a theme for RoloPress and change the colors, fonts, style, whatever. Our Documentation should help you with everything you need. RoloPress, uses the standard WordPress Parent/Child Framework.
  • Add Functionality With Plugins: RoloPress uses the same Plugin system as WordPress, so you can utilize many WordPress plugins.  Additionally, you can access our Plugin Directory for RoloPress specific Plugins, and WordPress Plugins we recommend for RoloPress.
  • Write Your Own Plugin: Do you know PHP? Well, then write your own Plugin.  RoloPress is fully “pluggable”, so you can add lots of functionality without effecting the core code.  The pluggable architecture makes RoloPress infinitely extendable.  You can write a Plugin to do almost anything.

RoloPress was built by SlipFire and Sudar Muthu, and based on WP-Contact-Manager and WP-CRM.

A special thanks goes out to those who helped and inspired us, directly or indirectly:

Copyright & License

RoloPress is copyright SlipFire LLC and Sudar Muthu, released, like WordPress, under GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL). RoloPress has a credit link in the footer template. You may remove or edit this link without cost or concern—although it sure is appreciated if you link back to RoloPress.com, in some way.

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