RoloPress is an open source application and your participation is vital to it’s success.  There are many ways you can contribute:

Core Development

If you are a PHP developer, and are familiar with WordPress then we can definitely use your help.  RoloPress is far from a finished product and can benefit from your contribution.  The RoloPress repository is located at Github.

Plugin Development

A great product should be a flexible product, and plugins definitely make RoloPress flexible.  RoloPress plugins are similar to WordPress plugins, but there are a few new functions you will need to reference.  A good starting point is to check out the “Twitter Tweets plugin for RoloPress“, which will show you have to interact with RoloPress Core.  Also, our function reference list is helpful as well.

Testing RoloPress

You don’t have to be a developer to contribute to RoloPress… you can just use it.  We can’t test RoloPress in every environment and every situation, so your help is vital.  Install RoloPress and use it to manage your contacts.  If you find a bug, please notify us via our forums.


When you translate RoloPress, you make it accessible for users who’s primary language is not English.   Translating RoloPress is exactly the same as translating WordPress, and you can find those instructions here.