Add-on’s for RoloPress come in two flavors: Plugins and Themes:


Plugins can extend RoloPress to do almost anything you can imagine.  They allow easy modification, customization, and enhancement to your RoloPress installation. Instead of changing the core RoloPress code, you can add functionality with Plugins.

RoloPress utilizes the extensive WordPress Plugin API, so creating a RoloPress plugin is the same as creating a WordPress plugin, and RoloPress can use many plugins designed for WordPress as well.

Since RoloPress is a Contact Manager, some WordPress plugins would just not make sense since they might be designed for a WordPress blog.  We have compiled a list of WordPress plugins that we think will enhance your RoloPress install, and are currently working with developers to write RoloPress specific plugins.  You can find our recommended Plugin list here.


RoloPress is built on the Parent/Child theme structure.  This measns that you can fully customize the look and feel of your RoloPress install, and still upgrade to new RoloPress features as we release them.  Essentially, you need to install two themes into your “themes” directory: RoloPress Core (the parent theme), and any RoloPress Child theme. The RoloPress Default theme is a good child theme to start with.  You never touch the RoloPress Core files, since the code that makes RoloPress work is built into it.  Instead you “Activate” the RoloPress Child theme and make all your changes there.  In fact,  you can easily create your own child theme for RoloPress if you choose.  When we update RoloPress with new features, you just need to overwrite your existing RoloPress Core theme with the newest version… your child theme stays intact.  To learn more about Child Themes we recommend you read this post by Ian Stewart.