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Twitter Tweets for RoloPress

Display the latest tweets for your Contacts and Companies.

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Built for RoloPress

Users Online

If you’re using RoloPress in a company setting, you may want to see who’s accessing the data along with you.  WP-Users Online creates a widget that allows you to see how many users are currently accessing RoloPress, and can show you their names if logged in. Download from >

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RoloPress Core

The RoloPress Core Theme is mandatory to run RoloPress.  This theme has all the core functions that turn WordPress into RoloPress.  Do not edit any files in the Core Theme, and there is no need to activate it in WordPress.  Just place it in your Themes directory, and activate any RoloPress Child Theme. ** You […]

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RoloPress Default Child Theme

A Child theme for RoloPress. One Child Theme, along with RoloPress Core is necessary for RoloPress to operate correctly.  The RoloPress Default Theme is the first Child Theme for RoloPress. Install it in your Themes directory along with RoloPress Core, and activate it.  Make all your changes in RoloPress Default, to keep your RoloPress install […]

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