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Goodbye RoloPress… Hello Piklist!

When we first conceived RoloPress a few years ago, we never thought it would be as popular as it is today.  Apparently, we were not the only ones that wanted better control and more flexibility in a CRM. However, RoloPress has it’s limitations.  Most notably, is that it was built to be just a Contact […]

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RoloPress 1.5 Released

RoloPress version 1.5 is now available for download, as well as two new plugins: RoloPress Import: probably our most requested feature.  You can now import any Outlook CSV file into RoloPress.  We choose Outlook CSV because most contact managers allow you to export in this format. Google Maps for RoloPress: View a google map of […]

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RoloPress Importer for Outlook CSV

Do you want to start using RoloPress, but don’t want to manually add all your contacts? Well, now you can import your contacts from an Outlook CSV file.  This doesn’t mean you can only move your contacts from Microsoft Outlook… most contact managers allow you export into a variety of formats, including Outlook CSV.

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Google Maps for RoloPress

The easiest way to show a map for any of your RoloPress contacts or companies!  Just activate the plugin, and drag the Google Maps widget to a widget area.  If you contact or company has an address, a map will show… if no address is entered, then you won’t see a map. View the demo […]

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Built for RoloPress

Add Files and Images to your Notes

The “Easy Note Uploads for RoloPress” plugin is now available for download.  This plugin, based on Easy Comment Uploads, allows you to add files and images to your RoloPress notes.  Just download, unzip, upload and activate.. and you’re ready to go. You can see a demo here >

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Easy Note Uploads for RoloPress

Easily add files and images to your Contact and Company notes.

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Built for RoloPress

Making RoloPress Private

If you’re using RoloPress as a contact manager, then you probably want to keep it private.  Remember, RoloPress is just a website (a really cool website), just like your Gmail or Yahoo email account.  Gmail and Yahoo make you type in a ID and password before you can view your email, keeping it safe from […]

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RoloPress 1.4 with Drag-n-Drop menu’s now available

RoloPress 1.4 started out as a bug fix for the “catchable fatal error” generated by our menu in WordPress 3.0, but we also cleaned up some other stuff.  To take advantage of all the fixes,  you will need to install the new RoloPress Core and Default themes. It’s best to delete the old themes first. […]

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RoloPress 1.3 for WordPress 3.0

RoloPress 1.3 is now available for download, and addresses the issue our users have been having when upgrading to WordPress 3.0. Download v1.3 here

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RoloPress 1.22 with "full" RoloSearch

Just released v1.22.  Primary enhancements are: RoloSearch: nows works with ALL fields. Avatars: Added caching when using the image from Twitter. Suggest that you download both the updated CORE and DEFAULT themes.  No need to delete your current directories… overwriting is fine. Download Here >

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