RoloPress Importer for Outlook CSV

Do you want to start using RoloPress, but don’t want to manually add all your contacts? Well, now you can import your contacts from an Outlook CSV file.  This doesn’t mean you can only move your contacts from Microsoft Outlook… most contact managers allow you export into a variety of formats, including Outlook CSV. Continue reading »

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Google Maps for RoloPress

The easiest way to show a map for any of your RoloPress contacts or companies!  Just activate the plugin, and drag the Google Maps widget to a widget area.  If you contact or company has an address, a map will show… if no address is entered, then you won’t see a map.

View the demo here >

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Built for RoloPress

Easy Note Uploads for RoloPress

Easily add files and images to your Contact and Company notes.

Built for RoloPress

Twitter Tweets for RoloPress

Display the latest tweets for your Contacts and Companies.

Built for RoloPress

Users Online

If you’re using RoloPress in a company setting, you may want to see who’s accessing the data along with you.  WP-Users Online creates a widget that allows you to see how many users are currently accessing RoloPress, and can show you their names if logged in.

Download from >