RoloPress is built on the WordPress platform, so you need to have WordPress installed first.

  • Installing WordPress

  • WordPress is relatively easy to install, and in most circumstances will take less than five minutes to complete. Many web hosts now offer one-click installations.  We’ve put together of recommended hosts here.

    You can also, use the official “Installing WordPress” instructions if you want to install on your own server.  Once installed, upgrading WordPress is a snap, with the one-click upgrade button.  Keeping your version of WordPress up-to-date is highly recommended.

    If you already have a website,, you may be asking, “where do I put RoloPress?”  Well, RoloPress will be a separate website.  You may want to install it at:, or

  • Installing RoloPress

    1. Open your FTP client, navigate to your WordPress install,  and open this directory: wp-content/themes/
    2. Download the “RoloPress Core” theme to your local computer.   You can download it here.
    3. Now copy it to the wp-content/themes/directory using FTP
    4. Choose any RoloPress Child theme.  For this example, let’s go with the “RoloPress Default” theme.  Download this theme to your local computer.
    5. Now do the same as step #3, copy it to the wp-content/themes/directory using FTP
    6. Log into your WordPress website.  Usually you will navigate to:  Enter your user ID and Password.
    7. Under the “Appearance” tab on the left, is a “Themes” tab, click on it.
    8. Find the child theme you uploaded, in this case, “RoloPress Default” and click on it to activate it.  DO NOT ACTIVATE OR EDIT THE “ROLOPRESS CORE” THEME.
    9. Goto SETTINGS > PERMALINKS: click “Save Changes”
    10. Goto APPEARANCE > WIDGETS: widgets have been preset in each widget area. You may need to open each and just press “Save”

That’s it! Enjoy RoloPress! (did you think it would be more difficult?)