RoloPress 1.4 with Drag-n-Drop menu’s now available

RoloPress 1.4 started out as a bug fix for the “catchable fatal error” generated by our menu in WordPress 3.0, but we also cleaned up some other stuff.  To take advantage of all the fixes,  you will need to install the new RoloPress Core and Default themes. It’s best to delete the old themes first.


  • Default Menu is now automatically generated by the new WordPress drag-n-drop menu system introduced in WP 3.0.
  • Two default posts are created automatically: a Contact and a Company.
  • Admin menu to hide contact and companies links has been removed (since this can easily be done with the new menu system)
  • Automatically remove “Hello world!” post, since it really doesn’t make sense for a RoloPress install.


  • “Catchable fatal error” has been fixed. Menu is now automatically generated by the new WordPress menu system.
  • Admin area header and footer colors have been fixed.


To install RoloPress 1.4 it is recommended you delete both RoloPress Core and Default from your wp-content/themes directory and upload the new versions.  Once installed, you should switch from the RoloPress Default theme to any other theme (not RoloPress Core), and then back to RoloPress Default.  Many of the new features only initiate when the theme is activated.

Download RoloPress 1.4 here >

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