RoloPress 1.5 Released

RoloPress version 1.5 is now available for download, as well as two new plugins:

  1. RoloPress Import: probably our most requested feature.  You can now import any Outlook CSV file into RoloPress.  We choose Outlook CSV because most contact managers allow you to export in this format.
  2. Google Maps for RoloPress: View a google map of any address in RoloPress. You can see an example on


  • Easier setup.  Just activate a child theme and you’re ready to go!
  • Tags are now supported on the front-end, including inline editing (thanks to Mike Whitfield for contributing this code)
  • Moved over to WordPress settings API.
  • Consolidated settings area for better admin navigation.
  • Two default posts are created automatically: a Contact and a Company.
  • Admin menu to hide contact and companies links has been removed (since this can easily be done with the new menu system)
  • More Hooks have been added:
    • rolopress_after_contact_header (after the contact header data)
    • rolopress_after_company_header (after the company header data)
    • rolopress_after_contact_details (after the contact detail data)
    • rolopress_after_company_details (after the company detail data)
    • rolo_before_note_submit (before the submit button on the notes page)


  • “Recent Notes” works better.
  • Phone number / IM field deletion on edit has been fixed.


IMPORTANT: To install RoloPress 1.5 it is recommended you delete both RoloPress Core and Default themes from your wp-content/themes directory and upload the new versions.  Download the new themes, unzip them locally and then FTP them to your website. Once installed, you should switch from the RoloPress Default theme to any other theme (not RoloPress Core), and then back to RoloPress Default.  Many of the new features only initiate when the theme is activated.

Download RoloPress 1.5 here >

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