RoloPress Importer for Outlook CSV

Do you want to start using RoloPress, but don’t want to manually add all your contacts? Well, now you can import your contacts from an Outlook CSV file.  This doesn’t mean you can only move your contacts from Microsoft Outlook… most contact managers allow you export into a variety of formats, including Outlook CSV.


  1. Export your contacts from your current contact manager into an Outlook.csv file.
  2. Install the RoloPress Importer Plugin.
  3. Import your contacts.


  • Imports Contacts, Companies or both.
  • Supports custom fields, custom taxonomies and notes.
  • Deals with Word-style quotes and other non-standard characters using WordPress’ built-in mechanism (same one that normalizes your input when you write your posts.
  • Columns in the CSV file can be in any order, provided that they have correct headings.


  • “First Name”, “First”
  • “Last Name”, “Last”
  • “Middle Name”, “Middle”
  • “Job Title”, “Title”
  • “Company”
  • “E-mail Address”, “Email”
  • “Home Phone”, “Home”
  • “Mobile Phone”, “Mobile”
  • “Business Phone”, “Work”
  • “Fax”, “Home Fax”,”Other Fax”
  • “Other Phone”, “Other”
  • “Web Page”, “Personal Website”, “Business Website”
  • “MSN ID”
  • “AIM ID”
  • “Google ID”
  • “Skype ID”
  • “Twitter”
  • “Work Address”, “Home Address”, “Business Address”,  “Other Address”
  • Work City”, “Home City”,  “Business City”, “Other City”
  • “Work State”,  “Home State”, “Business State”, “Other State”
  • “Work Country”,  “Home Country”, “Business Country”,  “Other Country”
  • “Work Postal Code”, “Home Postal Code”, “Business Postal Code”, “Other Postal Code”, “Work ZIP”, “Home ZIP”, “Business ZIP”, “Other ZIP”



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