RoloPress Version 1.2 Beta ready for download

RoloPress Beta 1.2 is now available for download, and has some cool new features:

  • Twitter Profile Images: Previously RoloPress automatically added profile images for your contacts by looking up their Gravatar if you have an email address associated with that contact.  This worked well for some Contacts, but not for Companies.   So now, if your Contact doesn’t have a Gravatar, RoloPress will automatically check Twitter and pull in their Twitter profile image.  Of course, you need to list the Twitter id in the Contacts info.  What makes this even more exciting, is that many Companies have Twitter profile images, which will now be displayed in RoloPress.
  • vCard Export: Click on the “card” icon in the Contact Details area to download a vCard for that individual Contact or Company.
  • Sort Contacts and Companies: We’ve added some new options to the backend of RoloPress, and you can now sort your Contact and Company archive pages by a variety of fields.
  • Layout Options: Changing your RoloPress layout is easier than ever.  Just head on over to “Appearance > Layout” and choose from the thirteen different layout options.  Yes… thirteen!  RoloPress supports two different size sidebars so you can display your content any way you want.  The most common use of this, is to display Contact and Company information in the Wide sidebar. Feel free to play around.
  • Menu Options: Hide or display items in the default RoloPress menu.
  • Print Options and CSS: Added a print.css file and options to hide/print four widget areas.  To override the default print.css in your child theme, just place your own print.css file in the child theme directory.
  • Theme Files: Total rewrite, to make them cleaner and faster.

To upgrade: We’ve made significant changes to the folder structure of Core.  So you must delete your current rolopress-core and rolopress-default folders, and upload the newest versions of RoloPress Core and Default.  Do not overwrite them.



  • Cleaned up theme files, and converted all repeated code into functions.
  • Ability to sort Contact and Company archive pages by a variety of fields.
  • Added vCard Export.
  • Added option to change layout in admin section.  13 different layout options available!
  • Added menu options.
  • Added print css and options.
  • Filter on the edit posts screens by every taxonomy.
  • Pretty sure everything is now localized.

Call for Translators:

RoloPress needs translators.  We’ve spent considerable time localizing RoloPress and believe that it is now 100% translatable.  You can find the POT file in the languages folder.   Please contact us if you are interested in translating so we can make sure no one else is working on your language.

Thank you to all our beta testers.  Your feedback is making RoloPress a great product.

** Version 1.21 fixed install issues for some users.


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